Fundraising doesn’t just happen.  It is a management task – something to be planned, executed, and assessed for effectiveness.

If fundraising plans are to be successful with your prospect and donor base, strategies must be based on information.  This information must be meaningful in its content and in its organization.

I recommend an information management system that creates the structure your organization needs for building relationships with its constituents.

Ideally, a database:

  1. Reflects all the different relationships a person can have with your organization (donor, board member, event volunteer, client services volunteer, staff, prospect, member, etc.)
  2. Reports gift information (amount, date, restrictions, solicitation)
  3. Captures knowledge about linkage, ability, and interest
  4. Offers tools for planning and recording cultivation, recognition, engagement, and stewardship strategies

Need some help in figuring this out?  I recommend Carol Lukemeyer.  Her consulting firm, Data Sense, connects database activities to fundraising successes.

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