Today is my birthday!

And I am turning _____ years old.

You see, I’m not sure if I can share my age with you.

As a young nonprofit professional, I am tentative to share my age.  Why?  Because I have been judged personally by my age, seen others judged for their youth, and heard others talk negatively about people my generation.

That is why I hesitate when you ask my what year I graduated.  Then, when you wonder how long I have been married and hold old I was on the wedding day, I don’t respond directly.

I appreciate people who treat me well regardless of my age and who value my professional expertise.  It is these people who probably know my age but don’t care about my age – who serve as trusted colleagues.  And there are so many people like that!

What about you?  Do you tell your age, as a young nonprofit professional?

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