Have you ever prepared for a presentation?

You wrote your script, created your talking points, developed your visuals, pulled together your materials, and readied yourself for the presentation?


You had everything together. Everything ready.

You walk in the room and begin to speak.


But you are interrupted.


“WHO are you and WHY are you here?”


You stop dead in your tracks.

You had assumed that you had been invited to present the details: what, when, and where.

But they wanted to know WHO and WHY.


If you don’t know who you are and why you do what you do…what/when/where cannot help you!  Those are just details.

But the WHO and the WHY is the guts of it all. The WHY and they WHY are what really matter. And the WHO and the WHY are really how people make decisions.

  • WHY is this the best solution?
  • WHY now?
  • WHY this way instead of that?
  • WHY us and not them?
  • WHY you and not them?
  • WHY would we do this?


Figure out the WHY, and everything else falls into place.