Have you ever known someone that loved their family so much that they would do anything for them?

Have you ever known someone like that?

Picture them. Get an image in your head.


Now imagine that that someone’s family needs something really badly. Really.

What does that someone do to get their family want they need so very badly?


That someone does anything and everything in their power. And then some.

That someone cannot be stopped by anybody or anything.

That someone doesn’t see obstacles. Only sheer determination to do what needs be done for that someone’s family.


Why? Because it’s family.  And family is that someone’s WHY.


When you answer Your Why, obstacles no longer matter.

Challenges are rendered obsolete.

Barriers do not inhibit progress.


Your Why overshadows anything that could possibly stand in the way.


Your Why is powerful. Figure out what it is. And run toward it.