The Facebook Event Page has created quite the buzz.  I am so pumped that my friends, contacts, colleagues, and clients are jumping in, getting connected with each other, sharing their feedback, and spreading the news.  Click now to access the Facebook Event Page for the Official Business Launch.

I’ve received phone calls, direct messages, email inquiries, meeting requests, and other questions about my business.  So here are some details for you.  I hope that I have answered the top questions about the launch:

JourneyWHO:  If you don’t know me and I don’t know you, I hope to meet you soon so we can get to know each other.  You may wonder about who I am.  For my updated bio, click now.

WHAT:  I’m officially launching my business!  My current employer is becoming my base client.  This transition gives me space and opportunity to expand my impact to grow beyond just one organization.  So, I am ramping up my fundraising services.  Plus, I’m launching a new key component:  women’s empowerment, coaching services, and other resources.

WHEN:  My official launch is Friday, April 15, 2016.  Woohoo!

WHERE:  The first place to find information about my new business is right here at  Then, the next best place is in your own email inbox.  Click now to sign up for a free newsletter to receive updates from me about my business.

HOW: I’ve been working non-stop to launch my business.  I recently invested in a “Launch Your Business Bootcamp” featuring virtual weekly modules, accountability partners, assignments, and a live event.

WHY:  For God.  I believe God calls each of us to greatness and to leverage our giftings for the benefit of others.  For Myself.  I’m going on a great adventure in discovering my own contribution to the world and my own growth and development.  For My Husband.  He is an incredible leader to our family, faith community, neighbors, and friends.  He is a business owner.  And now I am too.  For My Daughter.  I want her to know that anything is possible for her. Not only was she born during a time where our first Black President Barack Obama is biracial like her.  She is also being raised by a father and mother that now both model for her how she can fully explore and express her identity.  And for you!  I believe that God doesn’t make mistakes, and God made you.  I’m inspired to empower you to live authentically and abundantly.

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