To my fellow young nonprofit professionals…

I assume that you usually see grey-haired leaders around you, but you can lead now.

I understand that you want to spend significant time with friends and family, but you can lead now.

I know that you don’t feel 100% prepared (but you never will), so you should lead now.

I get that you don’t want to be seen as an entitled millennial as you push your career forward, but you can lead now.


The world needs you now.  And your community needs you now.  Whether they want you or not…

There are plenty of problems presenting opportunities for you to make a difference.  It is time for you to lead now.

Learn about four different types of leadership that the nonprofit sector needs now. (This is a series of blog posts written by Rosetta Thurman – that coincides perfectly with the above post that I wrote two weeks ago while I was on vacation!)

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