I had so much fun at this month’s #ynpchat, and I learned so much from my fellow young nonprofit professionals. Serving as co-host with Rosetta Thurman, we posed questions about work/life balance.

My greatest learnings…

  • Nonprofit folks often willfully live and breathe their mission, so work and life are more integrated than separated.
  • Even people who love their job have to intentionally create balance.
  • Young professionals want to take advantage of extra opportunities for career advancement but should choose carefully.
  • Saying no, taking time for self, and relaxing are not selfish acts.
  • Humor can be a great gift in creating balance.

Good stuff, right? Benefit from even more insights from #ynpchat with the tweets below:

Question 1: What does work/life balance mean to you?







Question 2: Does work/life balance exist in your life?  How?



Question 3: What are the challenges to achieving work/life balance?









Question 4: What are some practical suggestions for keeping your life balanced?







Question 5: If you got to replace the term “work/life balance” with a new term, what would the new term be?



Want more?  Read Maria Smith’s blog post about her Choose Happiness campaign – in response to the work/life balance questions!

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