I know…I know:  Winning Isn’t Everything.

EXCEPT for when it is!  This week, I was blessed to receive a free pass to the two-day Blog Indiana Conference 2010 (#BIN2010).  HOORAH!

The full-access pass was generously provided by Hare Chevy, a Premier Sponsor of #BIN2010. Want a good laugh? Watch this video of the #BIN2010 Keynote Speaker Paul Poteet pulling my name out of the Hare Chevy bunny head!

After the first day of #BIN2010, I am thrilled!  I have met many local social media experts and learned so many practical tips for improving my online engagement!  In future blogs, I will feature some of these recommendations.  Here’s a snapshot of the sessions I have attended thus far:

  • Keynote Jason Falls,  “Let’s Talk:  The Art of Conversation”
  • John Dalton & Rob Zinkan, “Social Web Integration: Are you ‘All In?'”
  • Douglas Karr, “Why Your Site Sucks”
  • Featured Speaker Bruce McClain, “Behind the Scenes of Scotty’s Social Media Playground”
  • Bill Dawson, “The Email Marketing Lifecycle”
  • Kyle Lacy, “Driving Leads through Facebook and Twitter”

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s sessions!  Will I see you there?  A few availabilities still remain:  Register Now!

Can’t make it?  You can:

  • Follow me @jessica_journey for lots of live tweets
  • Search #BIN2010 for everyone’s live tweets
  • Partipate in the stay-at-home version by interacting with @homein2010

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Please leave a comment with your #BIN2010 experience from day one.  What was your favorite lesson learned?  Or, what networking opportunity was most valuable for you?

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