It is NEW each time.

Even if I have similar content.  It is a different time and place.  And there are different people in the audience.  So it gets to be new to them.  And new to me!

There is a MULTIPLICATION factor at play.

Instead of just sharing my message one-to-one.  I am sharing my message one-to-many.  And if I want to positively impact lots of people, then I need to create opportunities to connect with lots of people.

The stage indicates an assumed AUTHORITY.

People listen to you.  And they believe you.  They may even suspend old beliefs and explore new ideas with you.  The authority creates opportunity and opens up possibilities.

The likelihood for SURPRISE is significant.

Speaking on stage is not writing on a piece of paper.  There are more opportunities to reveal, to invite, to dazzle, to disappoint, and to surprise.  You can play when you are on stage.

Speaking is STORY TELLING.

It is an avenue for story telling, sharing personality, teaching, comedy, and improvisation.  So much can happen.  So much can be shared.

And THAT is why I love speaking.


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