I hear this a lot.

“I’ll wait until everything is settled.”


“Oh, when work slow down, I will…”


“I’m busy with family, but I’ll take my turn soon…”


Well, guess what: life just keeps getting more complicated.

The easiest time to start is now.

Because I can guarantee you that life will just keep happenings, responsibilities will just keep adding up, surprises will just keep knocking you off your feet, and there will always be another reason to wait.

But life is not going to stop for you. Life is not going to set itself up perfectly for you. Life is not going to settle down.


So if you are going to:

  • Start your own business
  • Try a new self-care habit
  • Go for that new job
  • Ask for a raise
  • Begin an exercise routine
  • Or jumpstart any new venture


The very best time to start is now.

Later is just more complicated.

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