Self-compassion is such a tough one.

As women in particular, we practice other-compassion all day long.

We cut somebody slack.  We understand their excuse – and count it as a reason.  We offer space and grace to figure it out.  We give others the benefit of the doubt.  We assume the best, and meet others at their worst.

But for yourselves?  High expectations.  No wiggle room.  Constant comparison.  And no compassion whatsoever.


So, here is my encouragement and challenge to you… 

Start today.  Practice today.  Try today.


Self-compassion may look like:

  • Cutting yourself slack
  • Appreciating the context
  • Acknowledging the barriers
  • Seeing your strengths
  • Give space
  • Give grace
  • Assume you are doing your best
  • Set reasonable expectations
  • And stop comparing yourself to others


And look in the mirror and say:

  • “I think I’m alright.”
  • Then “I know I’m alright.”
  • Next “I’m alright.”
  • Finally “I am ALRIGHT!”


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