Self-celebration is more than just a splurge or a reward.


If you are anything like me – AND if you would be honest – a majority of your ways that you reward yourself are actually completely inconsistent with the reasons why you are rewarding yourself.  Let me explain:

  • You eat fresh and healthy all week long, so you “reward” yourself on Saturday by binge eating junk food.
  • You complete a monster project at work or for your business, then you let off some steam by posting insensitive comments on social media.


OR, perhaps the way you are rewarding yourself is actually not healthy for you.  Some examples:

  • I’ve had a long day.  I did a pretty good job.  I’m super tired.  So I’m going to head to the bed without brushing my teeth.
  • I worked out and pushed myself to achieve a new level of physical activity.  So I’m going to allow my eyes to glaze over and mindlessly scroll through Facebook for an hour or so.


I also realized that some of the ways that I was “spluring” were costing too much – costing in time, money, and/or calories:

  • A target trip for a just-because purchase (that costs money)
  • Figuring out something new to do with my hair (that costs time)
  • Eating out (costing money and calories)


So, I brainstormed a list of ways to self-celebrate that are:

  • consistent with my goals
  • healthy for me
  • not costing extra time, money, or calories


Here are my go-to ways to self-celebrate:

  • Share the success on social media
  • Call and tell a friend the good news
  • Listen to gospel music
  • Read scripture
  • Pray
  • Listen to a favorite song
  • Make a dance party
  • Drink a cup of tea
  • Send a note of encouragement to a friend


How do you celebrate you?


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