Self-awareness looks like being aware of your self.  (Duh!)

But not just that…

There is definitely more to it.  Self-awareness is being aware of:

  • Your own strengths
  • Your own weaknesses
  • Your own preferences
  • Your own learning style
  • Your own thoughts
  • Your own feelings
  • Your energy
  • Your own way of being present
  • Your own way of doing

But this awareness is only as helpful as it is applied.  Use your self-awareness to inform your self-direction and self-management.  Apply wisely and choose actions that work for you:

  • How you structure your day
  • How you hold yourself accountable
  • How you teach yourself something new
  • How you process through your feelings
  • How you organize your thoughts
  • How you take advantage of your energy
  • How you choose to do and to be

Then we can even take this one step further.  Extend your self-awareness to other-awareness.  Become knowledgeable about:

  • How others perceive your strengths
  • How others perceive your weakness
  • How others perceive your presence
  • How others perceive you generally

Applying your self-awareness and other-awareness can be pretty powerful.  This may inform your:

  • Way of approaching others
  • Strategy for relationship building
  • Decisions in delegation
  • Focus in trust building
  • Efforts to empower others
  • Communication decisions

What does self-awareness look like for you?


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