Self-advocacy is taking intentional action to secure what you need to be successful.  Self-advocacy can look different for different people and different circumstances.

Here are some self-advocacy examples during daily routines:

  • Excusing yourself from a meeting to use the restroom when you need to  (Sounds simple, but I know lots of people that “hold it” until a meeting is concluded.)
  • Receiving an impromptu phone call and responding with a request to schedule the conversation for a specific time
  • Finding quiet space to complete thinking, processing, strategy, writing projects
  • Scheduling time with a colleague to have a solution-oriented meeting
  • Asking your partner to talk through an important topic in a time and space that works for both of you

Here are some self-advocacy examples during big life moments:

  • Making decisions based on your principles and priorities
  • Saving financially to achieve your goals
  • Trying something new because you may just like it
  • Choosing to create healthy routines around food and physical activity
  • Investing in yourself through learning, coaching, and other resources
  • Trusting God
  • Trusting your own intuition

What does self-advocacy look like for you?


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