For those individuals who are still unsure about the power of social media, I give you Exhibit A – the news of Osama’s death.

In our household, we had the TV on the news station, the laptop on Facebook, and the iPad on Twitter.

Which media source told us first what the fuss was all about?  Twitter!
obama tweet
I love the access and the speed of social media – allowing for critical information to be shared openly and quickly.

I love the shifting in how we communicate – giving power to individual voices connected to other individual voices.

I love the connectedness – offering opportunities to interact with others across geographic boundaries.

A lot has changed since September 11, 2001.  We learned of the terrorist attacks on TV and radio.  Today in 2011, Twitter and Facebook informed us first.

In fact, this guy actually (unknowingly) live-tweeted the actions leading to the death of Osama!

Why do you love social media?

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