Test your knowledge on the nonprofit sector!  Do you know how nonprofits get money?

  • True or False? Nonprofits receive most of their money from sales or fees from service (not charitable donations or government contracts).
  • True or False? Of all the charitable donations, most money comes from individuals (not foundations or corporations.)
  • True or False? Of individuals’ charitable donations, most money goes to religion (not education or health).
  • True or False? As they become wealthier, Americans are more likely to support charities in lesser amounts as a proportion of their income.

True False

Want to know the answer? All the statements are true!

Want more information about the nonprofit sectors’ finances? Access Giving USA 2010 here.  A free executive summary is available for download, or you can order the full publication!  Giving USA is the annual resource on charitable giving.

Did you correctly identify the statements as true or false?  Please leave a comment with your reaction to this information!  What surprised you?

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