In a prior post, I predicted potential topics for the October 7th event, Trends in Fundraising.  (It is part of the Small Shop Development Group, a series of regularly scheduled meetings sponsored by the Indiana Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.)

As for my predictions, I was 1 for 2.  Yes, Adrian Sargeant focused on online fundraising, but he did not discuss fundraising in a recession.

Here are some key points about the use of online fundraising:

  • As I suggested in the prior post, online communication must be integrated with offline communication.
  • Incorporate different vehicles for interaction (two-way communication).  Some ideas include:  tribute pages, comments to blogs, surveys, advocacy, etc.
  • Leverage opportunities for members to attract other members.  Why not “tell a friend?”
  • If possible, make it personal.  Some of this personalization is quite costly, but at least worth looking into!
  • Be creative.  Please, please, please.  Don’t just have a website to have one.  Make it mean something!
  • Make an ask on every page.  I thought this point was particularly important.  You never know when a website visitor may be moved to contribute; make sure the donation page is accessible from every other page.
  • Treat a donation like a donation.  Avoid “add to cart” and “check-out” language.

Wow – what a great set of tips!  This makes me think about nonprofit websites that are good and not so good.  Though it doesn’t match all of the criteria above, I do like this website:  www.dadsnational.orgWhat nonprofit websites do you like?  Please leave a comment with your favorites.