I am looking forward to attending an upcoming event, Trends in Fundraising.  The speaker is Dr. Adrian Sargeant, an internationally renowned scholar and practitioner in nonprofit marketing.  He also happens to be my professor.

I am curious to see if Dr. Sargeant will speak on two “hot topics” in particular:

  1. Fundraising in a Recession
  2. Social Media and Fundraising

As for my perspective on these two issues…

1. Fundraising should always be done from a position of strength.  We do not beg people for money!  My experience and my education has taught me:  “The right person asks the right prospect for the right amount for the right project at the right time in the right way.”  For many people, a recession will not be the right time.  For other prospects, it might be the PERFECT time!  It is our responsibility to know this information about our prospects.

2. Social Media is one tool of many – potentially powerful for donor acquisition, retention, and cultivation.  To be effective, it should be paired with offline strategies.  Also, it should be catered to the preferences of the various constituency groups.

I am eager to hear what topics Dr. Sargeant will identify as “trends.”  Check back later for my reponse after attending the meeting!

Detailed Event Information

The event is on October 7.  It is part of the Small Shop Development Group, a series of regularly scheduled meetings sponsored by the Indiana Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.  (I frequently attended these meetings when employed by The Julian Center.  I highly recommend attending; it is a great opportunity for gaining knowledge and networking!)

Here’s a list of other upcoming events, sponsored by AFP Indiana.

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