Since I have started my blog, I have been very excited by its impact on my professional development.  I am more informed about my sector.  I am creating connections with new professionals in the field, and I am reinforcing my relationships with other contacts, too.

I want others to benefit, like I have.  So, here is my list:  Top 5 reasons a nonprofit professional should have a blog!

  1. Part of being a professional is understanding what is happening in our culture.  The online world is ever-changing, and the best way to keep-up with the latest & greatest is to be a part of it all!  By blogging, you can better understand website design, content, traffic, and searches.
  2. The world of nonprofits is full of “best practice” recommendations and competing ideas about cause is most “worthy” of the public’s attention and support.  A blog is your opportunity to discuss these different perspectives.
  3. The continual process of updating a blog requires you to read mainstream news, nonprofit articles, and others’ blogs.  Your blog can help hold you accountable for knowing what’s new and happening in the sector.
  4. On a blog, your audience is virtually unlimited.  Approximately 57 million American adults currently read blogs!  (Pew Internet and American Life Study)  If you have interesting content, people will read it and want to know more about you. It’s a great start to building a relationship.
  5. A blog needs good content and good writing.  Your blog can be an opportunity to improve your writing and develop different expressions of your narrative voice.

What other reasons are there for having a blog?  Or, are you still skeptical about the benefits of a blog?  Please leave a comment!

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