I am on my way to New Orleans for the Happy Black Woman Launch Your Business Bootcamp.

And I couldn’t be more excited.  This will be my third event with Rosetta Thurman.

Why do I keep going back?

Because I learn something every time.  Because I meet someone new every time.  Because I enjoy myself every time.

And this time is different.  This time is special.

I’m attending by myself.  I always try to bring a friend, but it just didn’t work out this time.  I am expecting that adventuring alone will be a meaningful time for me.

I also have a fresh year of business experience.  I know how to serve my clients well.  I know what I’m good at.  And I know what I love to do.  I know how to structure things.  And I know what weaknesses to watch out for.  I know how to make money as I have invested more time in my business.

What I do not know AND what I am committed to figuring out is…..how to make more money without spending more time.  I want my income streams not to be directly dependent upon my time input.  And I want to be able to work with more people, help more people, and connect with more people.

I cannot wait to take what I have done so far, then review it and refine it.  And I will look forward to sharing with you too!

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