Many people have asked me for my recommendations on different programs, services, and tools to use.  Here is my list of very favorite things.  I hope it is particularly helpful to my fellow entrepreneurs.  Enjoy!


Some of these links feature referral discounts.  And some even have free versions of the service.  Click and decide what is best for you.


Website Management

Website Hosting:  BlueHost (payment options!)

Website Structure: (free option!)

Website Design:  Elegant Themes (unlimited access! sign up for the newsletter for 10% off)


Marketing Management

Email Marketing:  MailChimp (free option!)

Social Media Management:  HootSuite (free option!)

Creating Beautiful Images:  Canva (free option!)

Customer Acquisition and Content Delivery:  LeadPages (payment options!)


Financial Management

Payment Processing:  Square ($1,000 in fee-free processing!)

Online Banking:  CapitalOne ($25 bonus!)

Business Banking:  Spark CapitalOne (no fees!)


Business Management

Email Management:  Gmail (free!)

Calendar Management:  Google Calendar (free!)

File Saving and Organizing:  Google Drive (free!)

Project Management Tool:  TeamWork (free option!)


Travel Management

Accommodations:  Airbnb ($30 off first booking!)

Ride Sharing:  Uber with Promo Code:  jessicaj8923ue (first ride free!)

Flights:  Frontier (sign up for flash sales!)


Business Team Members

Please send me an email if you are looking for a trusted referral for:

Event Management

Graphic Design

Virtual Assistant for Administrative Support

Financial Advising for Personal and/or Business

Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs