Have you ever been standing in line at the grocery store and strangers begin talking about something that you are really interested in?  You can’t help yourself, and you join the conversation at the grocery store.

Monument Circle Indianapolis

Or, for example, Indianapolis’ most well-known public square is the Monument Circle.  Imagine that there is a public event at the Monument Circle – about a particular cause that you are passionate about.  You decide to stop by to see what others are doing.  You may also join the conversation happening on the sidewalks and steps of the Monument Circle.

There are conversations already happening about things you care about.  So, why ignore the conversation?

When I found out that I was being tweeted about, I realized I really needed to join the conversation on twitter.  So, I did, and now I am a part of the conversations that involve me and the things I care about!

When nonprofit organizations refuse to engage in social media, I can’t help but think that they are ignoring conversationsimportant conversations about things that they care about.  I also think they are missing out on a critical opportunity for relationship building.

I can’t help but think that social media vehicles represent the new public square.  The people are out there – interacting.  The conversations are out there – happening.  You are already walking by on the sidewalk; why not open your mouth and speak?

What do you think?  Do social media vehicles represent the new public square?!?  Please leave a comment with your response.

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