Our nonprofit work is embedded in communities, limited by the law, tangled in relationships, and set in social structures. This is not just a theoretical proposition; it is a reality with daily consequences on what we do, when, where, with whom, how, and why.

For example, if you work at a homeless shelter, you probably…

  • Follow regulations set by the health department
  • Build up partnerships with neighbors
  • Experience interactions influenced by race
  • Work in cooperation with other service providers
  • Feel the impact of socioeconomic differences
  • Cultivate relationships with the homeless residents
  • Adhere to the tax codes

Our nonprofit work is all about society’s systems and community’s cultures. And so is, The Help!

The Help offers many viewpoints on how society and culture impact individual’s lives  – specific to the 1960’s in Jackson, Mississippi.  The powerful stories shared in The Help provide critical learnings to explore and apply to our nonprofit work in 2011 society.

So, go read the book or go see the film or do both – The Help is not too be missed.

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