Unfortunately, nonprofit professionals often avoid marketing – assuming it is sinful to think like a marketer, wasteful to act like a marketer, and career suicide to talk like a marketer.

Well, I have a confession to make:  I have fallen in love with nonprofit marketing!  This semester, I have had the privilege to learn from (arguably) the top scholar and practioner in the field of nonprofit marketing:  Adrian Sargeant.

All of the coursework was hands-on.  I was applying marketing concepts to case studies of nonprofit organizations.  I was developing marketing research, constructing a marketing plan, and creating a communications plan.  And, I was loving it!

Because of this class, I now know how to approach a situation or a problem – leveraging the marketing framework.  I am confident in integrating marketing concepts throughout my work.  Ultimately, I am focused on answering the question:  How are we (the organization, the professional, etc.) “sensitively meeting the needs of society”?

…and what’s so bad about that?!?

Fellow nonprofit professionals, before refusing to work with a marketing consultant or pursue a marketing initiative, stop and think:  Would you like to be “sensitively meeting the needs of society?”  If your answer is yes, please recognize that the field of marketing can provide a new perspective, priceless advice, and research-based recommendations to nonprofit organizations.

Please leave a comment.  What is your perception of marketing in nonprofit organizations?  Feel free to share stories of the good, the bad, and the ugly!

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