As the season turns and the weatherman more frequently predicts a “wintry mix,” I’m reminded of how cold and bitter this economic recession has been to the nonprofit sector.

We’ve heard many stories of failed fundraising intiatives, job cuts, and the ultimate doomsday – the closing of the organization.  Unfortunately, many nonprofit organizations and nonprofit professionals have turned inward…in fear.  This isolationism is a survival mechanism.

From my experience, isolationism can actually be quite deadly.  In the nonprofit sector, a successful professional is in touch with general trends in the sector, understands current issues in the specific subsectors, and knows A LOT of people.  Information sharing among colleagues is crucial!  This is imperative for both the development of the individual’s career and for the sector – as a whole.  Essentially, we are better together than we are apart.

What, then, do I suggest?  Consider collaborations among organizations for various initiatives, including fundraising.  Offer consulting services pro-bono (or at a lower cost) to smaller organizations.  Offer stories of your experiences to others.  Help connect your peers with helpful resources.

What else can we do to help each other through this economic recession?  Please leave a comment with your ideas.

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