Recently I officially launched my business and shared the news far and wide.  I was so encouraged to receive notes of congratulations.  And I also received some questions that I attempted to answer in a recent FAQ post.

But there is a part of the story that I have left out.  Our closest friends and family know this story and now I am sharing it with YOU.

A year ago, we were planning a move from from Indianapolis to Chicago.  The goal was a PhD program for my husband.  We believed that God was calling us to our next big adventure as a family – certainly outside of our comfort zone and an opportunity to experience something new together.

Recently, we found out that the PhD program didn’t accept any new candidates, including my husband and his application.  We were particularly surprised (because the PhD program had been so forward and positive with us) and particularly disappointed (because we had planned the last twelve months for the move).

In the process of preparing for the move from Indianapolis to Chicago, I experienced a significant mind shift.

Previously, I had looked at my husband and my daughter…  They were the reason that I played it safe, focused on my job, served as breadwinner, did my job exceedingly well, and kept my head down.

So, I made my way up to Chicago with multiple visits – informational interviews, networking events, and executive search firms.  Even though those visits were successful, it didn’t seem like enough.

I needed to take matters into my own hands.

So when I look at my husband and my daughter.  I see the real reasons to go for it, push myself to even greater, launch a business, build something greater than myself.

So I launched my business in preparation for the Chicago move.  Now that we are not moving, I cannot go back.  I am moving forward with one of the biggest things I’ve ever attempted to accomplish.

And I hope you will join me.


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