I’m not talking about that beloved hour glass figure…

I’m talking about how a woman’s identity is informed by other characteristics:

  • Religion
  • Race
  • Sexuality
  • Class

I am all about women.  And I want to embrace and encourage women to be their best selves.

But I do not want to ignore the differences among women.  And I don’t want to assume the white norm.

I want to acknowledge and celebrate black women, brown women, white women, red women, and yellow women.

I want to acknowledge and challenges that these categories are also only so useful (even my daughter is quick to be left out as mixed).

I want to acknowledge and encourage women, regardless of where the decimal is in their bank account (of whether or not they have a bank out!).

I want to acknowledge and connect with women who believe differently than I do.  I do not believe I am called to only influence other Christians.

I want to acknowledge and respect women across the sexuality spectrum.  I am not interested in bringing any bias to my services.

So WooHoo to women.