I believe it is all connected:  physical body, spiritual soul, emotional heart, thinking brain.

I am a physical person – trying to live out my calling in this world.

You are a physical person – trying to live your calling in this world.

So we can’t ignore the physical – even though we may have jobs that require long hours of sitting in the same place, geographical circumstances that depend on transportation (that requires more time sitting), and popular entertainment options and screen time (that require more time sitting).

The next few days, I’ll be taking time to discuss some of my experiences as a physical person.

I find that in our mainstream American culture and in our typical conversations, the physical is often ignored.

In the posts to follow, my goal is to highlight the physical:

  • to reflect on my own physical experiences
  • to encourage you to reflect on your own physical experiences
  • to share stories and practical examples that may be helpful if you want to stop ignoring the physical
  • to inspire you to get going if you want to stop ignoring the physical

Along the way, I’ll be prompting comments so that you can get involved.  Be sure to respond to those promptings and questions.