Success Stories

“Don’t let an opportunity to work with Jessica pass you by.” Ray D., Irvington Community Schools


Jessica has a grasp of what a client hopes to achieve, helps them to see the big picture, and most importantly, breaks down the action steps to make it very doable.” Eva G., Restoring Lives West


“Work with Jessica.  You won’t regret it.  She is worth every penny you pay her and more.” Janet H., Center for Congregations


“Jessica Journey is the real deal. Her gift to speak to an audience is authentic. I haven’t seen her level of enthusiasm and realness on a stage in a long time. Young, brilliant, and captivating. I was tremendously inspired.” Jade Chance, Business Owner


“I know for certain, that Hanover College continues to be a more positive place because of Jessica’s leadership both in and out of the classroom.” Brooks A., Anthem


“I keep thinking back to our conversation and leveraging my value and unique skill set. I’m so grateful for your career matchmaking!”  Lindsey R., Licensed Nutrition


“Jessica brings thoughtfulness, knowledge, and teamwork into all that she does.  Jessica is excellent at analyzing issues and providing feedback to help us overcome challenges.”  Karin M., formerly Indiana Youth Institute


“Jessica is a natural at building authentic relationships.” Sara F., The Oaks Academy


“It was personalized.  Jessica got us to think and to feel why we do what we do.”  Board Member, America’s Next Role Models


“Jessica ‘gets it.’ I cannot recommend Jessica highly enough.” Benjamin G., University of California


“Our group was fortunate to have Jessica, and we couldn’t have asked for better. She was engaging and approachable, and she was able to share very practical tips. Her passion is contagious.” Ashley C., Marketing & Public Relations


“Her engaging style, as well as the relevant and substantive content of the presentation, made for one of NMA’s top events of the year. I would recommend Jessica highly as a speaker.”  Kate S., Nonprofit Management Association


“Jessica is an extraordinarily capable young woman. She not only is exceptionally intelligent, she is reliable, conscientious, and has absolutely the highest ethical standards.” Keith R., Hanover College


“Jessica is a positive, energetic, and focused professional. She amazes me with her ambition, intelligence, and delightful personality.” Raven M., Florida Virtual School Foundation


“I vividly recall being fresh out of my undergraduate degree and being uncertain about my career path and who I wanted to be. While I changed career paths from our time together as non-profit fundraisers, it turned out that one thing Jessica taught me will open up opportunities for me for the rest of my life: I believe fully everything I know about networking I learned from Jessica. I remember watching Jessica interact and approach others, including those who were much more established or advanced in their careers. Jessica approached senior professionals fearlessly and with the knowledge that you too had something to contribute to the conversation. This bold and fearless approach to networking has opened up so many opportunities for me over the past handful of years, and people often comment that I might be the best networker that they know. I always smile a bit, think of Jessica, and impart Jessica’s networking wisdom to others. Thank you, Jess, for teaching me to be bold and brave. Thank you for showing me that no matter how young, I too have important things to share.” Kayla A., University of Minnesota


“Jessica is a joy to work with. She is refreshingly down-to-earth, cares deeply about the quality of the work she produces, and is genuinely thankful for the contributions of others.” Emily K., Thomas P. Miller & Associates


“Jessica’s energy, insight, and approach to expressing her ideas have all been excellent, and Jessica has contributed greatly.” Joseph K., Krall Performance Solutions


“Jessica immediately added value.”  Andrew H., The Oaks Academy


“I’ve grown more confident since working with Jessica. She makes me feel empowered to make better decisions and navigate the career field.” Kacey S., Butler University


“Jessica’s attention to detail, ability to build and steward relationships, and strategic thought process are exactly what you need to take your fundraising to the next level.” Fundraiser, Indiana Nonprofit


“It was a pleasure to work with Jessica. I would recommend her helpfulness, her professionalism and her expertise.” Jordan H., Hanover College


“Determine specifically what your organization needs, prioritize, and then select the consultant who can best address those prioritized needs at a price you can afford. Jessica warrants strong consideration as you do so. Jessica is a responsible professional with strong fundraising skills, a warm and welcoming personality and unquestionable integrity.” Bill S., The Fund Raising School


“Jessica will exceed your expectations and you will not be disappointed. She understands best practice and will not quit until you are satisfied.” Jessica T.B., Trek Advancement


“Jessica is gifted in big picture thinking, and contributed much to the action steps needed to accomplish our mission.” Dana C., formerly The Oaks Academy


“Jessica is an effective, passionate, high energy fundraiser who cares about her clients and the causes we serve. Jessica has a track record of success in your own career and helps other fundraisers to help them succeed. Jessica is a great listener and offer realistic, customized solutions to meet the needs of her customers.  Jessica listens to the realities of the person and offers consultation that incorporates best practices and do-able solutions.  Her sponsorship, individual giving, and event advice have all been spot on.” Liz S., Exodus Refugee



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