I recently recommended Bill Strickland’s autobiograpy in this Resource Round-Up blog post.  Strickland shares his life’s struggles and achievements – often illustrated within a metaphorical context of jazz musicianship and growing orchids.

When you read the book, I also recommend watching some films that complement the book’s content and themes.

  • To explore the mysterious world of orchids, watch Adaptation.
  • To better understand the culinary arts, watch Kings of Pastry.
  • To appreciate jazz musicianship, watch Chops.

Through reading the book and watching these films, you will dive into a world that Strickland calls you to experience – a world that is shaped more by passion and beauty than by ambition and greed.  Passion is pregnant with possibilities, but ambition is limiting in its motivation, implementation, and ultimate results.

Have you read Strickland’s book or watched any of these movies?  How do you stir up your passion? Please respond with a comment!

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