As a fundraising professional, I love what I do.  I enjoy building relationships with donors.  I like to share stories of the impact of an organization or cause.

Why do I love fundraising so much? Because it is a vehicle for connecting people to people, people to ideas, and people to resources!

Stop Sign

I believe my love affair with fundraising is most evident when a gift makes its way into the office.  If I am the solicitor or if the gift was unsolicited, I stop everything.

No matter what I’m working on, I ignore the looming deadlines because I have a donor to attend to.

I grab the phone, dial out, and I speak with the donor – just to say thank you.

That’s right.  I believe in treating donors well.  I believe in making phone calls – not just sending out a standardized recognition letter.  I want to provide meaningful thank you experiences.

That is one example of how I profess my love of the fundraising profession.  How do you demonstrate your passion for fundraising?  Please leave a comment with your response.

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