This Spring season has ushered in many new beginnings in my life.  I am excited about these changes, so I would like to share my news with you!

While completing my employment and graduate work at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, I secured a new job.  I am now the Fund Development and Marketing Manager for Indiana Youth Institute.

This organization is a great fit for me!  I am passionate about the mission to promote the healthy development of youth.  I also understand the importance of an intermediary organization that serves the institutions and people who work on behalf of youth.  I am excited about the state-wide reach, too.

This position is a great fit for me!  I am glad to do both fundraising and marketing projects.  I am also fortunate to be in a small enough office that I get to do a little bit of everything and not be narrowly tied to a specialization.

My family is also going through a transition.  My husband, Eddie Journey, recently received a calling to the ministry.

He now serves as a Minister at New Haven Missionary Baptist Church, under the Senior Pastor Reverend Charles H. McClain, Jr.

In the fall, he will begin full-time coursework at the Christian Theological Seminary.  He will be earning his Master of Divinity and his Master of Arts in Psychotherapy and Faith.

These are the exciting things that Spring has brought to my life.  Please leave a comment with what’s new with you!  Are you celebrating a graduation, a relationship, employment, or another new venture?  I’d love to hear about it.

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