A plethora of friends, followers, and connections in social media…

That is the focus of author Nance Rosen’s recent post on the Personal Branding Blog by  Dan Schwabel.

Nance challenges the authenticity of these social media relationships and offers this recommendation:

“I think this would be a good week to go through your friends, followers and connections list and see if there’s anything you can do for anyone.  You might make a real friend, which could just be more valuable right now than the financial ROI we’re all waiting to see come from personal branding and social media.”

I love this suggestion.  Below, please see a list of “something nice” to do for a social media friend.

  1. Know someone who’s unemployed? Give them your list of must-see websites for job searches.  Highlight those that are smaller and more likely to have less competition among applicants.
  2. Know someone who’s graduating soon? Invite them to lunch.  Talk about networking, professional development, and job searches.  Students may feel very disconnected from the working world, and they may be nervous because of the recession.  They need to hear personal stories.
  3. Know someone who is fairly isolated in a current position? Offer to edit an important work project.  Maybe they don’t have anyone to look it over!
  4. Know someone who owns a small restaurant? Ask them about hosting your next personal or professional event at their spot.  Support people you know.
  5. Know someone who is ill? Make their day by dropping off some soup.  It doesn’t have to be homemade to be appreciated.  A movie doesn’t hurt either…
  6. Know someone whose spouse is unemployed? Offer to review a resume or cover letter.  An outsider’s perspective can result in drastic improvements!
  7. Know someone in a nonprofit? Ask them about their need for volunteers – maybe for simple office tasks.  Gather a group of friends together for this good deed.
  8. Know someone with children? Make yourself available for homework help.  You might just rediscover your passion for algebra.
  9. Know someone who just started a blog? Read it.  Comment on it.  Recommend it to friends.
  10. Know someone who is new to a career field? Send a handwritten note of encouragement.  Just let them know that you support them and are looking forward to hearing all the success stories!

What could you do for a social media friend to make the relationship more authentic?  Please leave a comment with your ideas and stories!

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