This morning, I attended: “Moving from Mission-Based to Revenue Generating Social Networks” with Suzanne Carawan.

Below, I’ve gathered my thoughts, for your benefit!

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We’ve experienced a serious shifting due to social networking:
It’s not about just an add-on, but a critical component of an integrated plan
It’s not about mass marketing, but a focus on niche communications
It’s not about isolation, but coordinating all systems together
It’s not about guessing what people want, but analysis of behavior metrics

But, remember, the same old rules are still true:
It’s all about the donor and donor preferences for communication
It’s all about engagement and involving donors in your cause
It’s all about focusing on the cause and the community need

So, explore multiple vehicles for generating revenue through social networks:
Seek specific funding for social network programs
Create fee-based membership portals with value-added
Cultivate relationships with strategic partners
Seek appropriate advertisements
Coordinate with face-to-face events

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