Now, I’m learning how to write better headlines with Vince Robisch’s presentation, This Session Speaker Smells Fantastic.

Headlines are critically important.  Headlines are read five times more often than your body content.

There are three traditional methods for writing headlines:  promise a benefit, make an offer, or deliver relevant news.

  • Promise a benefit with:  case studies and customer success stories.
  • Make an offer with:  landing pages and email subject lines.
  • Deliver relevant news with:  white papers and reports.

Need a tried-and-true strategy?  Find the interest of your readers, then solve their problem!

  • So, what are your readers’ fears?
  • Or, their hopes and dreams?
  • Who do they admire?
  • What holds power over them?
  • What frustrates them?
  • Where have they experienced failures and limitations?
  • How do they view themselves?

Need more ideas?

  • When in doubt, use a list post.  Make sure, though, that you are adding value to the topic.
  • Focus on “how-to” headlines that provide guidelines and instructions.
  • Pose a question in your headline to entice readers.

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