Today,  a new study on millennial donors was released by Achieve Consulting and Johnson, Grossnickle, and Associates.

The findings present interesting insights into the motivations and mindset of millennials.  In this post, I will focus on just one research result:  In examining millennial charitable giving, “the bulk of giving was distributed in small increments to many organizations.”

Why does this matter?  And, what should you do about it, as a nonprofit professional?

  1. Don’t ignore a millennial gift by assuming that a small gift means small capacity.  By giving to multiple organizations, one gift by a millennial is much smaller than total giving. Dream bigger!
  2. Take advantage of the opportunity to engage millennial donors upon their donation.  Offer substantive volunteer projects and provide simple ways  to advocate on behalf of your cause.  Build loyalty!
  3. Be smart about your communication with millennial donors.  By giving to multiple organizations, millennial donors are savvy and understand your competition (maybe better than you do).  Stand out!

How else can nonprofits build relationships with millennial donors, knowing that they give small amounts to many organizations?  Leave a comment with your idea!

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