So, your business set up a Twitter account because you heard that your customers may be wandering around out there.  Plus, everybody else seems to be on Twitter.

Sounds like a good decision to me.  But…

Social media is not, by itself, sufficient for making customers happy and finding new customers to make happy.  You also need to have a comprehensive customer service plan.

How will you turn your unhappy customers into happy customers again?  Do you offer refunds and free stuff? Do you listen to feedback and incorporate it into your business plan?

I had a particularly negative experience recently with Frontier Airlines.  When I was getting the run around over the phone and even face-to-face at the customer service counter, I turned to Twitter – desperate for a solution.

I was just sure that my problems would get fixed on my favorite social network.  Boy, was I wrong – and they were, too!  If a business has poor customer service, social media can’t fix that.  Customers will just receive more poor customer service!  (Ironically, Frontier’s twitter handle is @FrontierCare.  Oops!)

So, develop a real customer service strategy and implement it well – over the phone, face-to-face, and through online methods!

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