So, you’ve started reading blogs on social media because you were told that you could find everything you need to know online.  Plus, somebody told you that watching others do social media is the best way to learn how to do social media yourself.

Sounds like a good decision to me.  But….

Social media is not enough to learn about social media.  You should take advantage of professional development opportunities about social media.

Often it can be helpful to speak with others about social media.  And, listening to others who have been successful can give you an insider’s perspective into what works.

So, really, I’m glad that you are on social media to learn more about social media, but don’t stop there!  Go to social media workshops, tweet-ups, and other in-person events.

If you are in the midwest, attend the Blog Indiana Conference.  It is this Thursday and Friday, August 11 and 12, 2011.  You don’t want to miss the best social media event (#BIN2011) in Indiana.

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