Are you passionate about issues of homelessness and poverty?  Consider supporting the plans for a new shelter in Indianapolis!  Sign the petition.

The Good News Ministries currently maintains several shelters and programs in my neighborhood.  As homeowners in the Indianapolis’ near east side community, we are pleased to have such a well-run nonprofit organization less than one mile from our home.

The Good News Ministries has been offered property in another neighborhood, called Irvington (just five minutes further east in Indianapolis).  Some of the Irvington  residents are not welcoming of the plans for a shelter in their backyardThe neighborhood council’s sub-committee just formalized their recommendation to stop the plans for a shelter.

I have a shelter in my backyard, and I like that good people are doing great work in our community.  I am proud to call The Good News Ministries my neighbors.

Many others in the fine city of Indianapolis agree with me that The Good News Ministries should be encouraged and welcomed to expand their property and their programs into the Irvington neighborhood.  Letters of support include:  Mayor Gregory A. Ballard, the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention, local business owners, local churches, and local residents!

Join me in support of The Good News Ministries.  Join me in support of good people doing great work.  Join me in support of serving more homeless families in Indianapolis.  Join me in support of plans for a homeless shelter in Irvington.  Sign the petition NOW!

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