I frequently receive comments about the short length of my posts.  Often, folks compliment my ability to express ideas in a concise way.

I was never trying to be “brief and brilliant” on my blog.  I was just trying to get in and get out; make a decent point and try not to make a spelling mistake.

In the mean time, I’ve adopted the short style as my own.  So, how do I do it?

  • I focus on one point and one point only.  If I am tempted to throw in more points, I just turn the blog into a multi-post series.
  • I learn from other bloggers who write short posts.  Check out Seth Godin’s blog and Jeff Brooks’ Future Fundraising Now.
  • I invest extra time in editing.  Writing a short post can take more time than writing a long post.
  • And, yes, a tiny pencil helps.  I write shorter posts when I physically write instead of type.

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