I’ve read too may management and leadership books that don’t resonate with me.  Sometimes the tone is condescending, especially when discussing young people in the workplace.  Sometimes the generational discussion is laced with biases. I’m not interested in reading about boomer leadership (especially when the book claims to be about leadership for all).

As a millennial, I think differently and act differently.  And my leadership reflects those differences.  Here are some key distinctions that I’ve observed in my own style of millennial leadership:

As a millennial leader in the workplace…

  • I’m not afraid to shake things up in my efforts to reduce barriers for success.
  • I press for immediate fixes for technology issues; it is too important to ignore.
  • I emphasize collaboration in decision making and task completion.

As a millennial leader in my career…

  • I go above and beyond to meet and greet new contacts in my industry.
  • I’m read to take on extra projects to stretch my skills.
  • I seek mentors, coaches, and trusted colleagues to challenge me to grow.

As a millennial leader in my community…

  • I seek extra volunteer opportunities at other nonprofits.
  • I want to live locally, know my neighborhood, and support the mom and pop stores.
  • I go online with my social engagement.

Have you noticed other distinctive qualities to millennial leadership?

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