*When a sexist man calls a high-achieving woman nasty, the only thing to do is list your own accomplishments as a high-achieving woman.

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I earned 3.9 GPA from one of the best high schools in the state of Indiana:  Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School.

While at Brebeuf, I took Advanced Placement courses.  I earned a 5 score (best possible) on the BC Calculus AP Exam.

I also served as a leader in community.  I was Rector (top student leader) for Kairos (four day retreat).

I loved my theatre experiences.  Favorite roles include Martha in Secret Garden, Molly in Mousetrap, and Sally in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

My contributions at Brebeuf were acknowledged with the Jesuit Secondary Education Award at my commencement.

I earned a full-ride scholarship to Hanover College where I earned a 3.9 GPA again.

Unlike many colleges, Hanover still does comprehensive examinations.  I earned the highest score in my major.  I also won my department’s award upon graduation.

While I studied at Hanover, I also advocated on campus for significant social changes.

One of my accomplishments included creating the position of Student Representative on the Board of Trustees.

I worked through college – often holding down two or three jobs at a time.

My professors also hired me.  Some paying me with department money.  Others with money from their publishers.  And others out of their own pocket.  Because they wanted my quality work.  You’ll find my name in acknowledgment sections of a handful of books.

Upon graduation, I completed my first half-marathon and got married.


*Download your complimentary guide “How to be a Nasty Woman:  Your 7 Step Guide to Enjoying Life on Your Own Terms”


I focused my career goals on nonprofit fundraising.  I convinced Hanover to hire me as a professional fundraiser, the first time they had ever hired a current student as a part of the professional advancement staff.

I decided to enroll in graduate school immediately following undergrad.  I had already garnered a couple years of experience in my field of choice.  And I didn’t want to face a glass ceiling.

Again, I earned a full-ride scholarship.  This time to the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA).  More than just an assistantship.  It was the university-wide fellowship.

While at SPEA, I again convinced someone in power to hire me as a professional fundraiser.  That way, I wasn’t stuck making copies for a professor’s research projects.

At SPEA, I worked with a powerhouse group of peers to complete a capstone consulting project with the Mayor of Indianapolis.  After completing and presenting our work to Mayor Ballard, we have the joy of seeing some of our recommendations come to life throughout the city.  And, our professor declared our project was the new standard for capstone consulting projects.

Did I mention that I earned a 3.9 GPA at SPEA, too?


*Download your complimentary guide “How to be a Nasty Woman:  Your 7 Step Guide to Enjoying Life on Your Own Terms”


I gave my kidney away to a stranger, as a part of Indiana’s first chain of living kidney donations.  I was number 7 of 8.  My surgery was December 18, 2009.

Prior to SPEA graduation, I launched a blog to document my learnings, offer my perspective, and share stories.  I soon garnered local and national attention.  I was featured in the Chronicle of Philanthropy and in the book How to Become a Nonprofit Rockstar.  I had side projects and paid speaking gigs.

As a professional fundraiser, I often exceeded funding goals and always received exemplary reviews.  I was ultimately able to earn the highest credential in my field:  Certified Fund Raising Executive.  While I was still in my 20’s.

While working full-time, I became a parent.  My daughter was born with a cleft lip.  We have taken great care of her.  We even were able to provide her breast milk exclusively (before, during, and after clef repair surgery through nursing and pumping) through her first twelve months.

I was invited back to Hanover’s campus to receive the President’s Award for Excellence as a Pre-Templeton Scholar for Advocating for Cultural Sensitivity.  Now there is fully-funded full-ride scholarship program for students passionate about social justice.   (Click for more awards.)

I completed a half-marathon for the second time.

Soon I launched a business.  I became an entrepreneur, CEO, and founder.  I have followed my passion.   I have exceeded six-figures.  (Click for list of clients, customers, & communities.)

And more importantly I have exceeded client expectations.  (Click for success stories.)  My business achievements have been honored twice by the Happy Black Woman community with Achievement Awards and Success Spotlights.

I am a nasty woman.

And I vote.


*Download your complimentary guide “How to be a Nasty Woman:  Your 7 Step Guide to Enjoying Life on Your Own Terms”

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