I know that we are all supposed to want to be first place.

But there are two times in my life that I have been aware of my second place status. And I was not disappointed at all.

Experience #1

I was an undergraduate student and a professional fundraiser. I had applied for graduate school. I had received some scholarships and had been nominated by my specific school to receive a campus-wide fellowship (offering a full-ride and greater benefits). I was notified of the nomination by my school and then never received word about the campus final recipient. I was disappointed but still determined to get my master’s degree immediately following undergrad.

A couple months later, I got a phone call. I was told that the first place finalist had decided to go to a different school. And that now they were offering me the campus-wide fellowship program. I did not care that I was only second place. I was grateful that I was next in line! I remember running around because I was so excited and so grateful.

Experience #2

In October, I served as a brand ambassador at the Happy Black Woman Location-Independent Business Academy. I was excited to be a part of the small team of brand ambassadors. But I was disappointed that I was not asked to speak as one of the spotlights. I had submitted my information and had previously been one of the HBW speakers at a live event.

Once I get to the event, I am told that morning that one of the speakers isn’t coming. So I am asked to fill in. I responded with all confidence: “YES.” I wanted to speak and now I got to speak. Second place wasn’t so bad. Because I got my turn anyways!

I tell these stories just to encourage you not to beat yourself up over second place. Second place might just be right where you need to be!

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