One of the greatest gifts about being in the Happy Black Woman community is connecting with incredible women with distinctive giftings and callings.  One of those amazing women is Regine Monestime.  See her words below for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Don’t delay.  Deadline is TOMORROW.


Has anyone stood in the gap for you? The gap? Yes, the gap! The space that occupies the distance between where you are in terms of how you feel about yourself or your life or even a particular situation and knowing how God feels about you, your life and that particular situation.

And because you are so far away from your oneness with God, with love, with peace and joy; you don’t realize or know how loved you are by the very Universal forces that created you. You don’t realize how perfect you. You just see your failures, your flaws, your confusion, your hardships and everything that goes along with that.

But then, someone comes along and stands with you, and for you, holding on to you. Reminding you of your true nature, lovingly coaxing toward home, praying for you, seeing the best for you, hoping for you, knowing the truth for you until you can know it for yourself.

They stand in the gap for you into you make it home. As a bridge. As a guide.

I have had so many people stand in the gap for me when I was lost and confused and didn’t know who I was. Now, my gaps are less wide, less deep and less intense. And I know always– how to find my way home.

Let me stand in the gap for you. To know for you, to pray for you, to hold you, to see the best for you until you see, know and feel the truth for yourself. That you are perfect. That you are loved. That you are love.

The last day to register for the Phenomenal Woman Self-Care & Sisterhood Retreat in the beautiful Mexican Riviera is October 21, 2016. You do not have to stand alone.

Email me at to reserve your sacred space.

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With love,