Royalty is real! Queen Latifah presented today’s keynote address at the 2011 Conference for the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Her charisma was only overshadowed by her insights:

Sometimes, we have to make unpopular decisions!  We have an ethical duty in fundraising to do what is right.  It is an honor and a privilege to fundraise; we must take the profession seriously.

Nonprofits serve a critical role in our communities.  These organizations help raise our children, take care of families in needs, and propel our communities forward.  Nonprofits become a part of people’s life stories – just like the Queen’s.  As fundraisers, how do we best support the organizations that serve as the lifeblood for our communities and our neighbors?

Giving starts in the heart.  Donors want to give to help make a change.  It’s our job, as fundraisers, to connect with that desire.  Introduce donors to the clients – seeing the mission impact face-to-face.

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