Your self care plan may need a revision or two.

Perhaps your self care is exercise but now you’ve injured a body part. So you have to rest for a couple weeks. Now what?

Perhaps you practice meditation but now you invite others to join you in a daily class. So now you can’t quite get the rejuvenation you typically could. Now what?

Perhaps you journal and write yourself into sanity but now you have had to shift all your writing g energy toward a business projection. So now your pleasure has turned into business. Now what?

With every new season, unexpected or not, it seems like a self care practice gets hijacked, compromised, or at risk of no existence.

So what to do?
Change it up!
Add something new to the mix.
Try a break from something tried-and-true.

And next time, before you are in a dry season, prevent yourself from feeling depleted. Always add “bench strength” to your self care options.

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