This week’s resource round-up is not about my favorite blog posts or cool online tools. Instead, I’m focusing on those things…oh, you know what they are called.  Um, they are shaped like a rectangle, they can be hard or soft on the outside, and the inside is packed with lots of things that you turn.

YEP! You’ve got it right…books. I’ve been reading some great books lately:

The Social Animal by David Brooks. If you are a living breathing human being, this book is for you.  Brooks weaves together an incredible narrative, inviting the reader into the lives of two main characters, while also integrating in a a wealth of scientific knowledge – highlighting relevant research and explaining key findings from the fields of neuropsychology and the social sciences.  It’s a thick read but worth it.

Make The Impossible Possible by Bill Strickland. If you ever had a gnawing feeling about your role in making the world a better place, read this autobiography.  Strickland shares his life’s struggles and achievements – often illustrated within a metaphorical context of jazz musicianship and growing orchids.  Perfect for the individual needing a boost of substantive motivation.  An easy sometimes repetitive read but not shallow or boring!

The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne. Focusing on the faith-based perspective, Claiborne shares his insights as founder of The Simple Way.  If you are desiring a fresh (and sometimes irreverent) perspective on what the heck the church should be doing in the 21st century, you’ve got to read this book.  Thought-provoking yet simple message.

I’ve found some book recommendations from other bloggers I trust:

What have you been reading that you would recommend to others?  Please leave a comment with a book title!

By the way, none of these links are affiliate programs. I just have enjoyed these books!!!

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