I hope to share valuable resources to you on a regular basis.  To more intentionally deliver on this goal, I plan to offer “Resource Round-Up” posts for you.  I’ll provide links to some of the top content that’s caught my attention recently!


People can have some pretty strange ideas on how to effectively raise financial support for nonprofits.  Sometimes the ideas are so odd that they are just plain funny.  Laugh at “Funny but Sad” by Jeff Lindauer.

Continue to improve your fundraising efforts by narrowing your focus – get in the donor’s backyard with a local message.  Learn how to “Make Your Fundraising Local for Better Results” with Jeff Brooks.


Trying to convince your Executive Director that marketing is critically important at your organization?  Back up your case with Elaine Fogel’s help in “Dear Nonprofit CEOs and Leaders.”

Wondering how you can possibly evaluate the impact of the energy and time you invest on social networks?  Hootsuite’s got a white paper to help with that: “Measuring Social Media for Brand Awareness.”

Nonprofit Career Advancement

For young professionals (and especially young women professionals), read how you can stay focused on your career:  “A Message to Generation Y and Z:  Do Not Lean Back, Lean In” from Catalyst X-Change.

Don’t get frustrated at your efforts to make your organization better; get encouraged by Seth Godin in “Bar Gymnastics.”

Awesome Events Coming Up

For my Indy followers, don’t miss IndyHub’s Presidents’ Roundtable Discussion:  Gaining Recognition for Your Young Professional Organization in Media.  This lunchtime meeting is on June 15th.

For anyone interested in reaching millennial donors, attend the 2011 Millennial Donor Summit with Achieve and JGA.  This online conference will be held June 22nd.

Cool Online Tools

If you are constantly juggling responsibilities at work, home, and play, then try out Tungle – a free calendar synching service.  Now your calendars can all make sense together and your availabilities can be displayed publicly for easy meeting scheduling.  I’ve tried it and like it. (Shout-out to Chris Theisen!)

If you are always finding lots of online stuff that you like and you want a way to organize it, you should check out PearlTrees.  You can drag and drop your favorite links in customized groups.  I’ve tried it and like it.  (Shout-out to Emily Krauser!)

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