Ever wonder how much your mouse clicks are being recorded, or what is being done with that information?  The issue of online privacy has stirred recent political and nonprofit activity, recently reported by Stephanie Clifford in her New York Times article.

Faculty members from both a public university (University of California, Berkeley) and a private university (University of Pennsylvania) came together to research the public’s opinion about online privacy.  This is one example of how the nonprofit sector and the public sector may interact – in partnership.

The study’s findings, now are informing political conversations.  In fact, Representative Boucher has plans to introduce a privacy bill.  This is another aspect of the relationship between the nonprofit and the public sector; nonprofit organization can serve as an independent source of information for the political process.  The informant role can be particularly helpful with controversial issues or new concerns, like this one.

In future posts, I will highlight other types of relationships between the nonprofit and the public sector.