These are the 3 R’s that I am most passionate about:  Reflections, Rememberings, & Realizations.

Reflections:  This is my chance to take time and energy to process situations, feelings, and conversations.

Rememberings:  This is my chance to recall what matters to me and think about special experiences.

Realizations:  This is the result…an “aha” moment that helps me make a connection or a decision.

Here are some bonus benefits:

Reflections:  By setting aside time to reflect on what happens, it gives me the freedom to be fully present when life is actually happening.

Rememberings:  By thinking through things that have happened, I can choose to focus on positive memories that fuel my gratitude.

Realizations:  Making sense of things can be powerful and life-giving process.  And it helps me feel grounded.

So get to it:  live your life and then take time to think about it.

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